Trickle Down Messages

Trickle Down Memes / Trickle Down Messages

Friday March 29, 2024.  Levant MonoMyth Ramadan / Friday Prayer day. Levant MonoMyth Good Friday

Rupert Murdoch, Putin ($200 Billion), Elon Musk, Saudi Arabia have convinced the Internet that "freedom of speech" is always a good thing. That billionaires paying artists to create high-quality memes, songs, films, etc to "inform" the public is always a good thing.

That was the #DarkAges of the #Pope / #Church, trickle down Bible pages / expensive lavish Cathedrals "trickle down" to the poor. #TheEnlightenment was to understand undue influence of fiction

And "high-quality' often means "perfectly timed" and "ahead of the curve / waves of viral popularity" - it can be as dumb as hell, as long as it fits the timing, tone, style, fashion of the #MassMan /// #MassMind audience craving. Rupert Murdoch media systems have demonstrated this over and over with 24 hour a day wealth religion / wealth admiration mythology network (Fox News since October 7, 1996).

You have the most psychologically crafted advertisements running between Fox News religion content, it is religion (turtles) all the way down.

Dr. Abraham Brill (+ Edward Bernays) style psychological advertising religion messages spaced in between the Fox News programming religion messages. A faith system, mythology system.

To the audience, this is "two sides" of an argument. Purchase from the advertisement programming, purchase faith from the Fox News content worship of billionaires. The advertisements are like the consistent rituals of a Church / Mosque, then the "news of the day" is warped and bent to praise the wealthy job providers / consumer industry status symbols / information from the billionaires (world wide).

#TrickleDownMessages / #TrickleDownMemes  from the powerful and wealthy to worship power itself, status symbols, holy lands, specific control of geography - and unique status symbol assets and even certain beauty standards, etc.

This isn't freedom of speech, this is ignorance of #GroupThink /// #MassMan (Marshall McLuhan term) / #MassMind (Howard Bloom term) and how #Mecca /// #Torah /// #Quran /// #Bible /// #HolyLands symbols work on the human brain

Genesis 11:1   ///   John 1:1   #WordWoke and #ArtWoke

March 1, 1504 / February 29, 1504 Christopher Columbus used information / knowledge of a lunar eclipse to convince inhabitants of Jamaica of his power over the world, to serve him.

When #TreeOfKnowledge metaphor can be locked away by machine learning billionaires at Microsoft and Elon Musk and who knows who else, then freedom of speech is nothing more than like the Pope /// #ToxicClergy of addictive poetry from the Middle Ages Europe controlling politics (hearts and minds) with trickle down Bible pages. And still ongoing today with Mecca / Saudi Arabia trickle down Quran pages.

The #RealityKremlin tree of knowledge works the same way in Russia, and China similarly keeps a tight control and works to destroy classic faith systems ( Tibet ) in conflict with the trickle down messages / trickle down memes of the state-sanctioned information system. "Great Firewall" and tight control over films / games / sports / etc.